Inbound Marketing is a lot more than just website design -
it's helping you get more business from the internet.

Inbound Marketing Services to help your business

inbound marketing

What is "Inbound Marketing?"

Inbound Marketing (or internet marketing) uses the power of the internet to draw in potential customers who are already online searching for information about the products and services you offer. It is much more effective than traditional (outbound) marketing, which tries to grab consumers attention any way it can - commercials, junk mail, telemarketers - which we've all learned to "tune out."

If you have a website that no one can find but you or only if someone Googles "," and you're tired of paying for a Yellow Pages ad that no one ever sees, DM Design/Marketing can help.

  1. Get Found in Search Engines - not only more visitors coming to your website, but the right visitors who are really looking for what you have to offer. This step involves choosing the right keywords for your webpages, search engine optimization, link-building and content generation including blogging and social networking.
  2. Convert Visitors to Leads and Customers - you've got them to your site, now motivate them to commit with great content and a compelling offer.
  3. Analysis and Measurement - with the right tools it's easy to measure what's working and find opportunities to fine-tune and enhance your inbound marketing strategy.

By targeting the right keywords, fine-tuning your message, search engine optimizing every page, content generation adding calls to action/offers to capture leads - we can help you grow your business.

We'll work with you to create your own Inbound Marketing Plan, and can implement it for you or coach you on doing it yourself.

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