David Maloney, designer, Inbound Marketing Consultant

David's enthusiasm in everything creative began long before Macs replaced a pad and a pencil. He thought a "Commercial Artist" sounded like a really cool thing to grow up to be someday, decades before ever seeing an episode of "Mad Men."

David graduated in 1991 from Clark University in Worcester, MA with a BA in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. His experience at various advertising firms and promotional companies over the following years allowed him to become very familiar with all forms of advertising and media, from logo design and illustration, copywriting, page layout and design to tv and radio ads.

Branching out from print graphics to website design and interactive media was a pretty smooth transition as traditional advertising started to give way to new inbound and social marketing trends born on the internet. In addition to his creative strengths in design, David is an Inbound Marketing Consultant, an Inbound Marketing University Certified Professional, and a HubSpot Certified Partner since January of 2011.

david maloney